Vedic Astrology
Since times immemorial, both medicines and astrology have consitituted a way of life in India. The ancient Indian sciptures which have come to us through the ages contain profuse references to the system of medicines of those days, known as Ayurveda, as well as to that highly evolved system of astrology known as Vedic Astrology.

Both Astrology and medicine were developed as a part of religion in ancient India. Principles of hygiene and prevention of diseases were as much a part of day-to-day rituals were those of astrology applicable to a person's mundane affairs. The disease which can be cured by the pishtis/bhasmas of the stones and gems are like physical weakness of body, cancer, aids, blood pressure, pneumonia , polio ,eye disease, typhoid , brain tumor, aids, asthma, blood cancer, constipation, allergy, back pain (BACKACHE), Blood pressure, diabetes, anaemia, bad cold brain tumour disease of the eyes appendix, baldness cancer, epilepsy oitre impotenca remembrance stomance(STON) headance mental illness skin problems teeth/gums disease heart disease piles sleepness throat disease hernia pimples speen white spots
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