Numerology enables us to look at our individual talents and urges in a more objective context. Each letter in an individuals name equally translates to a number. By adding these numbers as well as the birth numbers in different combinations numerology recognizes the individual vibration that each personality is living by. Therefore numerology becomes a tool for that individual to reach their own highest potential and walk the path that was chosen before incarnation in this lifetime.

These questions are usually answered in a chart. By combining the numbers derived from an individual’s birth name, maiden name, nicknames, and birth numbers it has become possible to identify that individuals soul urge, personality numbers, destiny numbers, their driving force behind their destiny number. It also becomes possible to recognize the individuals maturity number, any lessons that they may have in this lifetime, where they are ‘out of balance,’ also known as intensity numbers, as well as if there is any karmic debt following them. Do you ever feel as if you are on a sort of hamster wheel if you will? You feel as though the same thing keeps happening to you but in different ways? This is referred to as a karmic debt number. It tends to be an experience that you have chosen prior to your reincarnation which is not possible to avoid. It continues to happen until you are able to deal with the situation/event in a positive, balanced, and understanding manner, carnation in this lifetime. Want to know more, contact us
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