Gem Stone & Remidies
Gems : Gems means superior. Gems are related to nine planets and colours. A variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones provide us with the desired positive results thereby benefitting our daily lives, as we wear them. These gemstones are worn to enhance different aspects of our lives related to health, matrimonial matchmaking, career, name-fame, family and analysis of traits of individuals etc.  

The specific gems are supposed to radiate positive energies, if they are of the sufficient weight and worn firmly in contact with the skin. The divine power of these gems due to their color, sparkle, quality and specific property etc. affects the human beings thereby creating an unbelievable faith and trust. Click here to avail our services now...

We also deal in Rudraksha...a fruit of a tree which bestows wordly pleasure and salvation...Want to know about more click here
Planet and Its Gems
A General belief about planets and thier gems in which we deal into..
Rashi Planet Gems
• Aries Mars Coral
• Taurus Venus Diamond
• Gemini Mercury Emerald
• Cancer Moon Pearl
• Leo Sun Ruby
• Virgo Murcury Emerald
• Libra Venus Diamond
• Scorpio Mars Coral
• Sagittarius Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
• Capricorn Saturn Blue Sapphire
• Aquarius Saturn Blue Sapphire
• Pisces Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Others are :
Rahu - Gomed 
Ketu - Cats eye  
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